About Us

Waypoint Mapping provides Geographic Information Systems consulting, design and implementation. We also offer both individualized and classroom training in the use of GIS for projects of all types and sizes.

The Waypoint Mapping team includes geospatial professionals with over 25 years experience in GIS, image processing, emergency response, utilities and the energy industry. We have also been involved in the integration of emerging technologies including GPS and realtime data sources, such as weather and vehicle tracking. We are leaders in the incorpration of other innovative visual inteligence including the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for HD imagery and 3D GIS data capture. A new area of geospatial R&D is Full Motion Video (FMV) for GIS.

ESRI Partner Network We are proud members of the ESRI Partner Network.

Our blend of talents and experience allows us to work with clients to evaluate and select the right tools for the job.

See our article in ESRI's ArcUser Magazine Spring 2016 Edition (page 18) on the Blanco River Flood Disaster in Wimberley, TX.

See our article in ESRI's ArcUser Magazine Spring 2014 Edition (page 24) for a timely interview on UAS for GIS.

See our article in ESRI's Petroleum News Winter 2014 Edition (page 8) for an update on UAS for GIS.

See our article in Point of Begining (POB) Magazine April 2013 Edition on UAS for GIS.


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