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Waypoint Mapping provides geospatial solutions. We specialize in the use of GIS for critical infrastructure and emergency management, but the same tools can be used for a wide variety of other applications. The map below is a live situation status display showing weather, earthquakes, wildfires and other events as they happen.


Explore the map! It's LIVE. (Click HERE for a larger version) 

GIS by ESRITrademarks provided under license from Esri.


Geographic Information Systems

GIS is a digital map, built in layers. The map layers can include features such as roads, streams, property ownership, pipelines and base maps such as aerial photography. More than just a pretty map, each layer of the GIS is a DATABASE that can be queried for information.

Waypoint Mapping has over 25 years experience in GIS and can help ensure that your project is a success.
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On-Line & Cloud Delivery

On-line web maps are the most convenient way to access geographic information, whether on a browser or on mobile smart phones and tablets. Not only can you browse map infomation without specialized software, but you can see your current location on the map!

In the past, an expensive infrastructure of servers and backup systems was required in order to take advantage of on-line web maps. Today, this infrastructure is provided in the Cloud.

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Aerial Visual Intelligence

High definition aerial imagery and detailed 3D terrain maps provide a new perspective for your GIS. UAS (drones) are a revolutionary new data capture tool for GIS.

Through our aerial services partner, FLIGHTLINE GEOGRAPHICS, we offer a variety of image capture options for GIS, whether manned or unmanned.

We have been involved in aerial imagery for GIS since 1993 and UAS (drones) since 2007. FAA authorized for commercial GIS data capture!

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GIS at the Blanco River Flood Response (Corpus Christi newspaper)

GIS & UAS at the Blanco River Flood Response (Corpus Christi TV news story)

GIS at the Wimberley Flash Flood Disaster (Presentation at Texas GIS Forum in Austin, TX October 28, 2015)