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Waypoint Mapping provides geospatial solutions for visualization and analysis of our world. We specialize in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for emergency management, critical infrastructure, energy and natural resources, land management and a wide variety of other applications. We turn raw data and imagery into an intelligent map that anyone can use.

GIS by ESRITrademarks provided under license from Esri.


Geographic Information Systems

GIS is a digital map, built in layers, like a pizza. Imagery and other base maps are overlaid with a variety of "toppings" such as roads, streams, elevation contours, property ownership, pipelines and anything that can be placed on a map.

With over 25 years experience in GIS, we can help make your project a success!
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Virtual Reality Modeling

Explore your world from all perspecitves! True 3D modeling combines both aerial and ground-based imagery into a stunningly realistic virtual environment.

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Aerial Visual Intelligence

UAS (drones) are a revolutionary new data capture tool and we have been involved in UAS mapping for GIS since 2007.

Our partner FLIGHTLINE GEOGRAPHICS offers a variety of data capture options for GIS, including HD imagery and 3D terrain from photogrammetry, LiDAR and other sensors.

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