Template Style Changer

Using this page you can quickly see the incredible customization the Resolution template provides out-of-the-box.

Simply click on any of the options shown below to see the colors and graphics that are included in the template. The presets are applied to the template simply by adding any of the color names as a class attached to the 'body' tag for each page.

Click on any color to change template preset

Click on any style number to preview backgrounds

Click on any style number to preview header backgrounds

Change Background Color

You can always change the colors in your template by editing the CSS. Click the colored box below to change the background color of this page to see how different colors work with the different background images.

Change Template Color

There are nine built-in color schemes, but you can always change the template colors by editing the CSS. Click the box to the left to change the primary template color to a specific color to see how it looks.

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